Will you pay a ransom to recover your business data?

Will you pay a ransom to recover your business data?

How does a ransomware attach happen - infographic


Don’t be a Victim of Ransomware Attacks

One of the most menacing threats in the world of IT is ransomware. Much more than affecting your business due to the cost of the ransom, it also results in a decrease in revenue due to little or no productivity, and a loss of reputation among your customers.

When it has to do with ransomware, there are no mercies. And, the affected target can be businesses of any kind and size — even to personal computers.

More people across the world are becoming victims and malware attacks every day. Therefore, it only makes sense to protect your business by getting the right internet security.

Veeam Backup is the perfect first of defence against ransomware and malware attacks. It alerts you to warning signs that come with any malicious activity within your data center. Veeam Backup provides a secure environment from helping to detect any suspicious activity to notifying you about VMs not backed up properly.

With Veeam Backup, you have a complete view of your IT environment, helping become proactive in your security approach while maintaining a healthy data center and keeping cybercriminals at bay.

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