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Acronis Cyber Backup for G Suite
Easy, Efficient and
Secure Cloud Backup for G Suite

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G Suite

Backup, Data Protection and
Enable the Fastest Restore

With Acronis you can leverage easy to use, efficient and secure cloud backup to protect G Suite data stored in Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar from a wide range of threats. Acronis Cyber Backup ensures business continuity, enables quick access to data and helps businesses remain compliant.

Safeguard G

Safeguard G Suite data from more threats

Defend you G Suite data from accidental deletion, retention policy gaps and cyber threats.

Avoid Downtime

Avoid downtime and ensure access to data

Drill down through backups quickly to recover individual files, emails or other G Suite items in mere seconds.

Meet Compliance

Meet compliance requirements

Stay compliant with active backup for G Suite, unlimited data retention and secure off-site storage.

Quick Granular Restore

Quick Granular Restore

Recover missing emails, files, contacts, attachments and more – within seconds. You can preview email message content before recovery or download the required file right from the backup – ensuring the utmost flexibility and convenience.

Advanced Search within Backups

With metadata and full-text search capabilities built into the G Suite backup software, you can quickly find and restore critical data, such as a departed employee’s email or an old document needed to resolve legal issues.

Advanced Search within Backups
Blockchain-based Notarization for Drive

Blockchain-based Notarization for Drive

Benefit from integrated Acronis Notary technology to get independent validation that Drive files are unchanged. Acronis Notary creates a unique digital fingerprint for backup files and stores it in a public blockchain ledger.

Benefit from a
Cloud-to-Cloud G Suite Backup Solution

Save time spent on deployment and maintenance with an agentless cloud-to-cloud G Suite backup. With help from Acronis, you can back up G Suite data from Google data centers directly to highly secure Acronis Cloud Storage.

G Suite

Gmail Backup

  • Labels
  • Messages
  • Attachments
  • Threads
  • Drafts
  • Spam
  • Trash

Drive Backup

  • User Files
  • User Folders
  • Team Drives
  • Shared files
  • Sharing permissions

Calendar backup

  • User calendars
  • Other calendars
  • Calendar event attachments

Contacts backup

  • User contacts

More Features
for Efficient G Suite Backup

Modern, User-friendly, Web-based Interface

Jump right in with no training required. Acronis Cyber Backup’s intuitive, modern, web interface ensures that your G Suite data is backed up and restoring it takes minimal time and effort.

Transparent Reporting and Monitoring

Check on your G Suite backups and restore progress using the web-based dashboard. You can also receive status notifications by email. Acronis Cyber Backup ensures detailed information is at-the-ready.

End-to-end Encryption Defends Your Data

Be confident your data is protected. Acronis Cyber Backup uses TLC to protect data transfered over the network while data centers have high-grade disk-level encryption and per-archive AES-256 encryption.

Scheduled and On-Demand Backups Fit Your Requirements

Automate all G Suite backup tasks so they run on a regular basis, without supervision. You can still perform on-demand backups as needed.

Auto-Discovery of New G Suite Users and Team Drives

Protect new G Suite users and Team Drives automatically. Acronis Cyber Backup simplifies G Suite backup management for you.

Support for Google Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Add an additional layer of security, such as authentication via a trusted device or fingerprint. Acronis Cyber Backup supports Google MFA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I backup G Suite data?

Since Acronis Cyber Backup utilizes agentless cloud-to-cloud G Suite backup with nothing to install, to start you simply need to launch the application from the Google marketplace and configure your backup plan. Your backups will be stored in the safe, reliable and fully integrated Acronis Cloud.

How do I recover data from my disabled G Suite user account?

With a quick and easy search of your backups, you can find the required G Suite item (e.g. a file, email, event, etc.). Once found, you can restore it to another user account.

Is it easier to protect data in Office 365 or G Suite?

No matter which solution your business relies on, Acronis Cyber Backup protects data created and stored in Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite in the same easy, efficient and secure way.

How can I create my own personal cloud storage to store my G Suite files?

There are many backup solutions for G Suite on the market so it is important to evaluate the solution that’s right for your business. Key criteria should include:

  • Simplicity – How easy is it to start and use the solution? Do I need to install and maintain a backup agent to use it? Does it have a convenient, user-friendly web interface?
  • Efficiency – What level of granularity is supported? Does it support metadata and full text search? E.g. Can you restore just one file or must you restore the whole backup? How quickly can you find the required file or email?
  • Security – Does the solution ensure your data cannot be intercepted or stolen? If yes, how reliable is it? Does the solution support backup encryption or notarization?

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