Exabytes Backup as a Service (BaaS) powered by Veeam
Safeguard your backups off site
without the cost and complexity
of managing an offsite

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Create a fail-safe environment for your data

In a data-driven world where information is often a company’s most valuable asset, data protection is more important than it’s ever been. The challenge for businesses is to find an offsite backup location for virtual infrastructure, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Cloud technology changes all that.

Exabytes Backup as a Service (BaaS) powered by Veeam is designed to offer a quickly provisioned offsite backup at a fraction of the cost compared to implementing a physical data recovery site. Veeam allows you to get your physical and virtual backups offsite to a remote, dedicated cloud repository through a secure SSL connection.

Simple, Secure and Cost Effective Backup As A Service In Cloud

Cost Effective

BaaS makes it easy to efficiently scale-up your Backup services without being restrained by CAPEX demands.

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24/7/365 Support

Our expert engineers and data recovery specialists work 24/7/365 to ensure all your Backup needs and requirements are met.


Track Cloud repository consumption and receive reminders for hosted storage renewals.

Exabytes BaaS Key Features

Hosted Offsite

Get your backups offsite to our ultra secure cloud repository through a secure SSL connection. Access and recover data directly from our backup repository using your backup console and track cloud repository consumption.


Access and recover data from our backup repository directly using your backup console and track cloud repository consumption.

Leading Architecture

Includes backup copy jobs with built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and more.

End-to-end Encryption

Rest easy by encrypting all data at source, in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in compression and WAN Acceleration.

Incremental Backups

Our BaaS solutions eliminate the need for periodic full backups by creating forever incremental Backups that save time and storage.

Scale-out Backup

Veeam’s Scale-Out Backup Repository feature allows you to deploy and manage multiple storage repositories reliably and efficiently.

Built-in Delegation have a track record of success

Delegate backup and recovery tasks securely to other departments and teams within your organisation through Veeam’s built-in tools.

Centralised Deployment

Manage your virtualized and physical server Backups from a single interface – with support for VMware, Hyper-V, Veeam Agent for Linux and Windows.

Our core services include:

Cloud Connect

A simple, easy to use and configure model of BaaS where you retain overall responsibility for the primary backup system, licensing, maintenance, upgrades and backup, and restore jobs. Exabytes provides a cloud storage platform sized to your requirements, along with Cloud Connect backup licensing to provide offsite backup.
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Managed BaaS

Exabytes provides technical consultancy to identify backup requirements and solution for a fully managed backup and storage platform. This includes ongoing maintenance, licensing, upgrades, patching, duplicate backup copies and a dedicated storage repository.
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BaaS for Office 365

Backup solution that provides complete backup and recovery for your Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.
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Optional Extras

The following optional extras are available on fully managed, unmanaged BaaS and BaaS for Office 365.

Support bundle

Support and assistance with configuring jobs, performing restores and other general tasks.

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Data Seeding Service

Customers with large quantities of data can save time and bandwidth in seeding the initial data transfer.


Our service is secure and affordable, providing a simple-to-use client interface, unlimited scalability and storage in our Ultra Secure data centres, backed up by 24/7/365 security staff and dedicated support teams trained in backup and recovery. We know that the real value of your backups is only proven when they are restored. With Exabytes, you can be confident that if the worst happens, you will be supported by skilled experts, with experience gained from thousands of successful recoveries.

The 3–2–1 Rule

The “3-2-1 rule” states that you need to keep three copies of your data, on two types of storage, with one copy being offsite. Having offsite backups can be challenging due to limited bandwidth, exploding data volumes and a lack of resources required to build or maintain a true offsite backup repository.

With Veeam, you can master the “3-2-1 rule” without dumping money and resources into a second site or adding bandwidth.The Veeam Backup as a Service can help you overcome this challenge.

3-2-1 Rule

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