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Although many businesses are embarking on Cloud Computing, Cloud and Colocation will continue to co-exist because enterprises realize that not everything will be moved to the cloud. Hence, it is imperative for any IT planner to consider their enterprise’s Cloud and Hybrid application plans when selecting a data centre.

A data centre with colocation facilities provides you with the space, power, cooling and physical security for your server, in addition to storage and network connection. When you choose Exabytes Enterprise’s colocation, you can get:

Multiple Upstream Connection
100 Mbps Network Connection
24/7 Access and Phone Support

Exabytes Enterprise colocation services are ideal for businesses that require high availability of power, scalable facilities and uninterrupted access. Our data centre is designed to safeguard vital data and support mission-critical applications. Whilst you own your servers and retain control over the design and usage of your equipment, you can leave the rest to us. And the best part of it all – you save time and money, and enjoy a peace of mind.

Colocation in 3 Simple Steps

Our co-location experts will help you assess the amount of space you need within our data centre, schedule installation and plan for on-going management if necessary.

Step 1
Space Requirements
Based on the size of your server solution, from a single server to multiple racks.
Step 2
Delivery and Installation
Deliver the equipment, which you can do in person or via a third party.
Step 3
Server Management
You can manage your solution via remote access or a simple visit to the data centre.

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