Work from Home with Cloud Technology

work from home with cloud technology

Work from Home with Cloud Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the world. Many businesses are struggling to adapt to the new normal and find suitable tools and technology to implement remote working practices. However, many businesses have managed to make the best of the prevailing conditions and smoothly transitioned their employees to remote work.

Before the pandemic, the organizations made it compulsory for employees to come to the workplace to fulfil their job responsibilities. However, the pandemic has required many to familiarize themselves with the resources available to facilitate working from home.

Working from home ensures maximum safety and public health, but there are several other benefits as well. Employees are happier as they do not have to waste time commuting to and from work and can work comfortably from their homes. Remote working is also proven to enhance productivity and the overall efficiency of a business.


Importance of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is enjoying a massive boost in its popularity during the pandemic. The number of users of software that runs on cloud technology is rapidly increasing as companies adopt new cloud computing systems in their products and services.

Cloud technology, like business clouds and private clouds, is also becoming popular in the healthcare industry. Enterprise cloud services providers are also teaming up with healthcare organizations to help them shift to remote working and adopt modern working strategies.


Benefits of Cloud Technology and Tools

Cloud-based technology, along with the tools that come with it, offers numerous benefits ranging from mobility to accuracy of digital project data.

The powerful cloud-based tools help users achieve a level playing field, especially during an economic slowdown. For instance, with these cloud tools, users are able to gain seamless integration for applications across project workflows with security as one of the main priorities.


How is Cloud Technology Supporting Work from Home?

There are many different ways cloud technology is providing to be quite effective in helping organizations shift towards remote working. With the help of business and private clouds, companies can access applications and services remotely. For instance, platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams help implement live communication throughout the company.

Since the restrictions implemented due to the pandemic are expected to continue for the foreseeable future, it is important for organizations to develop long-term strategies for implementing useful cloud apps and services to help staff work productively.

Remote working is made possible through access to modern technologies and tools.

This means that organizations may need to spend a more significant amount of their budget on cloud security.


Prioritizing Cloud Security & Governance

Remote working also has its own set of challenges. Before the pandemic in normal working conditions, most businesses relied on firewalls for network-level security. Having many employees working from home, however, brings new risks that must be considered.

Companies need to implement new security protocols to protect their data and ensure only authorized employees are able to access the applications, tools, and resources of the company. Cloud cybersecurity is essential to make sure employees can work without rendering critical infrastructure vulnerable to cyberattacks.



There is no doubt that many companies face issues implementing work from home strategies because they are not familiar with the cloud tools and technology available.

Companies using a reliable cloud services provider are better able to manage remote systems to ensure maximum security.


The Bottom Line

Cloud technology is essential for helping organizations adapt to the ‘new’ normal, ensure productivity, and support their employees in working from home. Not every industry is capable of shifting to 100% remote working.

Still, the majority of companies can benefit from using cloud apps and services to assist their workers. With the implementation of proper remote working tools and technologies, companies can expect a significant improvement in remote work processes.