Real Success Stories about Data Backup Solutions

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Real Success Stories about Data Backup Solutions

Any type of disaster, manmade or natural, is bound to have a catastrophic impact on organizations, especially small-scale businesses. Moreover, it becomes challenging for small businesses to quickly recover from these disasters due to a lack of an efficient data backup strategy.

Despite the fact that data backup has become extremely important for businesses, many companies are still slow in implementing an effective data backup solution.


For every type of business, financial data is a crucial part of the company, and it is important to store the essential data and applications in a secure private cloud.

The following real success stories will tell you about the immense importance of backup data solutions and developing a comprehensive backup and restore strategy to overcome the various types of crisis and data loss that can occur in your business.


Blank Rome

Blank Rome is a well-known law firm operating in the USA and China. It has managed to dramatically reduce its storage footprint and costs by implementing efficient data backup solutions.

In fact, statistics show that the firm is saving millions of dollars by utilizing business cloud services.

Moreover, application recovery times were reduced by up to 85%, with 99% of the deduplication rate, which improves the overall performance of Black Rome.


Westinghouse Lighting

Westinghouse Lighting is one of the most prominent names in the manufacturing industry of lighting equipment. It shifted towards a data backup service a few years back and saw a massive improvement in its business.

The company claims that it has saved more than $50,000 by using cloud-based backup services instead of traditional on-site backup solutions. Similarly, an improvement of 45% was reported in terms of backup time management.


Euronet Worldwide Inc

A well-established secure electronic payment services provider, Euronet Worldwide, reported 50% improvement in its backup efficiency by deploying a Copy Data Storage Platform to save their data and applications.

Moreover, Euronet went through a huge disaster that could have resulted in data losses. Instead, it was able to restore the majority of the data and keep the sensitive financial information of the millions of users protected.


Berger Schatz

Berger Schatz is another law firm that moved from the conventional tape drives backup to cloud. As a result, it saw a significant drop of 65% in its backup costs and significantly improved backup time management.

Furthermore, the recovery time was greatly reduced, which enhanced the firm’s performance.


Sawyer Real Estate

Sawyer Real Estate is perhaps the best example of successfully going through a huge crisis without losing important data. In 2005, the offices of Sawyer Real Estate were destroyed due to Hurricane Katrina. However, the company had already backed up their data.

Therefore, it was able to get through the disaster by entirely relying on backup solutions and recovering the data to get back to their normal working procedures. Without any kind of enterprise cloud, the real estate company would have suffered massive losses.


Pixar’s Toy Story

Toy Story is a highly successful and popular movie franchise. During the production of Toy Story 2, someone entered a few wrong commands which led to the deletion of a significant portion of the movie.

Even though Pixar had a backup solution in place, it was not properly maintained and they found that their backup systems were not working properly.

Fortunately, Toy Story 2’s technical director had made personal backup copies of the movie, which allowed Pixar to recover the film and release it.

It shows that without a proper backup system, a lot of energy, time and money spent on the movie would have gone to waste.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the many success stories of implementing smart backup solutions. Modern backup solutions such as using the services of a private cloud or enterprise cloud allow you to back up all of your data and applications.

Moreover, these solutions are scalable and provide you with maximum data protection and safety from cyberattacks.


The above stories show that companies that invest in utilizing reliable backup services are able to get through crises and return to their business routine, while companies that do not use backup solutions will suffer massive losses.

Samsung did just this in 2014 due to a fire that destroyed its data centres and the company did not have any backup. Imagine the losses incurred, which could have been completely avoided if an effective data backup solution was in place.